Road to the mighty Debotakhum

Among the three most popular hilly areas in Bangladesh, Bandarban is the most attractive spot for the travel enthusiast people to visit. Bandarban is situated in the southeast part of the country. The kind of beauty that mighty Bandarban upholds can not be described in words! There are some difficult trails in Bandarban, among which […]

Places to visit in Bangladesh on summer!

Bandarban- Bandarban is the most remote and rural part of Bangladesh with vast resources of natural beauty. Almost 500 km away from the capital, Bandarban upholds the true beauty of nature with multiple extreme places to visit. One of the places that is the first attraction of Bandarban is Nilgiri. It’s a tourist spot around […]

Exquisite nature of Bangladesh

In both summer and winter, the natural beauty in all over the world takes upon its best attire. And natural beauties in the Asian countries are the most beautiful and breathtaking! Bangladesh is one of the countries in Asian region that upholds the beauty of nature. The following places are one of the most attractive […]